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19 March 2018
When I started shooting bicycles pictures in China, I had no idea about their importance for the chinese economy and the raising of the people's standard. After I made my plans for several photo themes, I found out that they will be not enough to cover the wide spectrum of the bicycle use in this vast country.

So here is my short story. The bicycles are being exploited by the poor people, who do not want to be poor any more. Those that want to go in the faster lane, buy a second hand bicycle and start their new life. If you have a bicycle in China, you have the business. You can always find opportunity, move faster, carry goods, save money from transport, become your own boss. 

And if someone wants to know the number of the the Chinese middle class after 10 years from now, let him count the bicycles in the country. If the international community wants to help the poor countries in Africa out of trouble, they need to buy bicycles to the people before they give money to corrupted government administrations to build roads.

This story is not about words. It is in pictures. If you are ready to take the Bicycle trip, please go the links below. 
Bicycles for business
Bicycles for relaxation
Bicycles and the entertainment business

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