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12 December 2017
Human emotions are universal across cultures. My camera followed the emotions of a young Chinese man in the information age. If you do not agree with the emotions described, I will be happy to hear from you.
Students at Raffles Design Institute Beijing Fashion Marketing and Management are interested in improving the lives of orphans not only by raising money for them but also by creating an awareness about difficult living conditions ...
One study* revealed that there are about 573 000 orphans in China under the age of 18, among them 69 000 living in orphanages. According to the same report, fewer than 293 000 orphans – only about half of the China’s orphans – receive a basic support ...
The Place is a nice shopping area situated in the famous CBD area in Beijing. There were not many people shopping on Sunday, November, 2nd 2008...
The use of the bicycles for business is very wide. Bicycles take thousands of people out of poverty in China each month. It does not matter whether it is winter or summer, they run fast enough to overcome those that are still walking...
Bicycles in China are not only means of transport but a place for relaxation. Some of the bicycles look maybe too old but still moving on the special alley of the Beijing streets...
The bicycle is called zi xing che (自行车) in Chinese, meaning, self-driven transport. The pictures illustrate that this transport is not dead in China...
When I started shooting bicycles pictures in China, I had no idea about their importance for the chinese economy and the raising of the people's standard. After I made my plans for several photo themes, I found out that they will be not enough to cove
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