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12 December 2017


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Fashion and ethics

Clean Clothes Campaign
Ethical Fashion Forum
Fair Wear Foundation

Organizations related to the fashion industry

Bulgarian Association of Apparel and Textile producers and exporters
Association of fashion and textile designers in Bulgaria

STIL, Sko & Textilhandlarna - www.stil.cc
Stockholm Fashion District - www.stockholmfashion.com
Stockholm International Fairs - www.stofair.se
Svensk Handel - www.svenskhandel.se
Swedish Association of Agents - www.agenturforetagen.se
Swedish Customs - www.tullverket.se
Swedish Fashion Council - www.fashioncouncil.com
Swedish Imports - www.importradet.nu
Swedish Industry Association - www.sinf.se
Swedish Institute - www.si.se
Swedish Textile and Clothing Industries’ Association - www.teko.se


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