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23 May 2018
Robert Alexandriysky

Robert Alexandriysky is the editor of this website (2006) and founder of the Linkedin group TO AFRICA WITH FASHION (2010).

Robert’s professional experience includes 35+ years in the fashion, clothing and textile business and education as:

- event organizer;
- merchandiser;
- product developer;
- export manager;
- import manager;
- manager buying office;

In the last 3+ years he reinvented himself as a senior lecturer in Fashion Marketing & Management and Fashion Design courses.

Robert Alexandriysky is co-founder and president of Bulgarian Association of Apparel and Textile Producers and Exporters (1998-2004) and Association of fashion and textile designers in Bulgaria (2004-2007). He is honorary member of the managing board of Bulgarian Association of Apparel and Textile Producers and Exporters.

He was speaker and lecturer at various industry conferences and seminars, including:

- ILO (International Labour Organization) meeting in Geneva (2000) where presented the employers view at a tripartite conference on labour practices in the footwear, leather, textiles and clothing industries;
- WTO key meeting on world trade round 2004 in Sofia;
- Euratex (European Clothing and Textile Association) conference Horizon 2005 on the future of world clothing and textile trade;
- Various industry seminars in Munich, Salzburg, Lisbon, Madrid, Vareze, Belgrade and Sofia;
- Annual conferences of the Bulgarian Apparel Industry from foundation till 2004;
- Working seminars, round tables, etc.

He has consulted various SMEs and organizations on development issues and expertise include:
- Competitiveness building;
- Horizontal integration;
- Analysis of supply chain and markets;
- NGOs, Associations, consortium development;
- Global approach;
- Evaluation of alternatives.

 Robert is interested in :
- Strategic partnerships;
- Open exchange of ideas, opinions and proposals;
- Sustainability issues.

He worked in Europe (Bulgaria) and Africa (Mozambique) before he landed in Asia (China), and visited over 50 countries around the world mainly on business occasions. His Sub-Saharan African experience includes Ethiopia, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. Robert was fascinated by Africa, that’s how the LinkedIn group TO AFRICA WITH FASHION was born.


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