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23 May 2018
Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa

The Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa - COFTA is a network of Fair Trade producer organisations in Africa involved and working with disadvantaged grass root producers to eliminate poverty through Fair Trade.

COFTA is the Africa Regional Chapter for the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and as such the network of all registered WFTO members and registered Fair Trade Organizations in Africa, as well as those seeking or working towards WFTO

COFTA's overall mission as a network is to improve the sustainable livelihoods of African producers through partnerships that advocate for Fair Trade.

COFTA therefore strives to strengthen its members' capacity to benefit from global markets by assisting them to develop quality products and providing them with market access support through shared efforts and resources within the principles and structures of Fair Trade.

COFTA members, by being registered Fair Trade Organizations, or organizations working along Fair Trade principles, are able to benefit from the support and assistance of many organizations that provide services to Fair Trade Organizations and organizations that choose to work within the guidelines of Fair Trade, such as capacity development, finance and market access support.

COFTA's strategic plan is designed to develop and grow Fair Trade in Africa, to provide continuous support to members and meet identified needs, to ensure continuous and effective communication among members and promote greater access to needed information and lastly to support members in successfully accessing broader markets.



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