Ethnic Attitude
Ethnic Attitude began as a mother, daughter venture in 2007 in Mombasa Kenya. Both women are creative by nature.

'The daughter' Anika Khanna is a qualified fashion and textile designer from Instituto di Moda Burgo, and 'the mother' Mrs Seema Khanna specializes in recycled design and currently makes stunning furniture out of reclaimed and discarded wood. In common they both love all that Kenya has to offer, and make an amazing team! 

And Kenya has a lot of ethnic choice to offer them. The fabrics famously known as Kikoy is a 100% cotton fabric with soft light weight texture and stunning colours.

Kikoys are made from combed cotton fibres which means all the small filaments are combed out leaving only the long smooth filaments to make up the kikoy. The result is a smoother softer fabric. This process also makes the fabric stronger, and that is why kikoy can be used in so many ways. Wrap it around your waist as a sarong. Make it a wall hanging, use it as a throw or table cloth. Kikoy is also used in a lot of soft furnishings such as bed covers, cushion covers. You can even make clothing out of it!  

Another product of Ethnic Attitude are the bags traditionally known as Kikapu. These bags locally known as 'Kikapu' are made from 100% natural materials of dried palm leaves, hand woven by the local village women. They are then individually hand decorated using local Kenyan fabrics of either Kikoy, Kitenge, Lesso, and where ever possible the designer utilizes the off cuts of fabrics used for their larger products and recycle them in the bags . Therefore these bags are not only beautiful, but are great for those Eco conscience people. They are big enough to carry groceries for people’s weekly shop, no need for plastic bags any more.  What is Kitenge and Lesso? These are local fabrics typically in a striking print using very East African motifs and designs.These fabrics give all bags a very colourful and ethnic feel.  

The Ethics behind Ethnic Attitude. The company believes in providing fair employment and are working towards becoming fairtrade approved. Since it takes time to make it, for now you can just take the owners’ word for it. They employ local village women to weave the bags, as well as local seamstresses to sew and decorate them.

Take a sneak peak at the Ethnic Attitude work shop in the workshop gallery.


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