The Leakey Collection

Based in The Rift Valley Kenya, East Africa, The Leakey Collection founders Katy and Philip Leakey, combine their talents in interior design and the arts with their love of nature to develop stunning handcrafted products for an international market.

Philip Leakey is the third and youngest son of paleo-anthropologists Drs. Louis and Mary Leakey. He was a Member of Parliament in Kenya for 15 years, a Deputy Member of the Cabinet for 14 years and a Member of Cabinet for 1 year. Philip is known in Kenya for his dedication towards improving conditions for all Kenyan's with particular attention to the areas of business opportunity and the environment.

Katy Leakey is an artist and a designer. Her interest as an artist has been to connect diverse cultures through understanding using art as a vehicle and lecturing in University systems in the United States. Katy Leakey spent time studying ancient cultures in the unexplored areas of the Amazon of Peru and Ecuador before moving to Africa in 2001. In 1964 Allen and Helen O'Brien along with Katy Leakey's parents, Robert and Evelyn Moodey and three others, co-founded the L.S.B. Leakey foundation, lending a cultural anthropological bent towards Katy's life long work in art.

Using natural elements such as fallen wood, grass and porcelain, these renowned designers create unique products while protecting the environment and providing economic opportunity to the local communities. Zulugrass and Zuluwood beads, bracelets and necklaces are sold in stores worldwide.

From high fashion jewelry to home interior design accessories, The Leakey Collection's natural elegance distinguishes this high end product line as one of the world's premier offerings.

The Leakey Collection offers a number of beautifully handcrafted pieces made from sustainable materials gathered and made by villagers from Kenya.

Founded in 2002 to help Masai villagers from Kenya’s Rift Valley create a livelihood for themselves after a devastating drought, the Leakey Collection creates a sustainable way of life for these nomadic people, while helping to preserve their cultural traditions.

This collection also helps protect the environment. In an area surrounded by wetlands that used to be burned for the tender grass that would feed their cattle, this first class jewelry and home decor accessories is produced via sustainable harvest of grass.

This fashionable jewelry is sold around the world. Five percent of the profits from each sale goes back to support the infrastructure in Kenya’s Rift Vally.These beautiful pieces are made from Zulugrass - grass beads dyed with textile dyes – fallen hardwoods, porcelain, ceramic, silver, gold and paper, mixed with hand blown Czech glass beads and Japanese glass beads and strung on elastic that was invented for the movie Spiderman.

Source: Leakeycollection.com  envirothink.com

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