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23 May 2018
Swahili Fashion Week

Top East African designers are set to showcase their stylish at the third annual Swahili Fashion Week planned for Karimjee Ground in the city of Dar Se Salam from November 4 – 6, 2010.

Swahili Fashion week is a platform for designers - both fashion and accessory - from Swahili speaking countries to showcase their creativity, market their art and network with their clientele. This is all aimed at promoting fashion as an income generating, job creating industry while emphasizing a "Made in East Africa" concept.

Swahili Fashion Week is set to be an annual fashion extravaganza where by both new and veteran designers can showcase their work. Initiating a dynamic and promising platform for the fashion industry in the region, Swahili Fashion Week is geared towards being the most sought out after fashion platform in Eastern Africa for the international market.

The fashion show will bring together 24 talented designers from Swahili-speaking countries. They will showcase their unique and truly African creations.

"We want to make the Swahili Fashion Week among the top and most sought out after platform in Eastern Africa for international market,” said Mustafa Hassanali, the event organizer.

He named local designers for the show as Ailinda Sawe, Manju Msita, Kemi Kalikawe, Christine Mhando, Shellina Ibrahim, Farha Naaz Sultan, Gabriel Mollel, Robi Morro, Asia Idarous, Zamda George, Khadija Mwanamboka, Jamilla Vera Swai and Made. Those from Kenya and Uganda include Sonu Sharma, Moo Cow, Kiko Romeo, John Kveke and Kooroo and Stella Stal.

"This year’s Swahili fashion week has incorporated shopping festival. The gala will capture the spirit, style and essence of the Swahili coast,” said Hassanali.

He said the shopping festival will showcase not only traditional art and culture but innovation and dynamic creativity of the Morden Swahili speaking world, offering stalls to all participating fashion designers to exhibit and sell their unique.

A special consideration has also been given to disabled and unprivileged to showcase their artwork, often hand made clothing, accessories and products.

To make it more live and active, performances from different music groups will be chilling them as well as henna painting and weaving. Organisers have also set aside several awards as Emerging designer ward, Best runway model and Best Swahili fashion week shopping festival stand.

By Lydia Solomon, Tanzania Daily News and Swahili Fashion Week


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