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23 May 2018

A group TO AFRICA WITH FASHION was created on the largest professional social network LinkedIn. The objectives of the group are:

1) To support development of the African fashion, apparel and textile industry;
2) To create information recourses that will raise the awareness on the opportunities to do more business with Africa;
3) To facilitate links establishment between North-South and South-South operators and open new channels for trade, investments, education and development;
4) To identify and work with other important players to eliminate the constraints for trade;
5) To encourage development of socially responsible, ethical and environmental corporate practices that will differentiate the African companies from their direct competitors;  The group welcomes various players in the design, manufacturing, services, education and NGO sectors who share ideas, resources, and work for sustainability in Africa.

Among the first members of the group are designers from Africa and African designers, living overseas, managers of manufacturing companies, consultancies and other related to the industry experts. These members come from Democratic Repubilc of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Togo. 



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Tune-In :: Textile Universe News