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21 April 2018
If your company has an innovative and commercially viable business idea that will have a development impact...
The Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) is excited to have launched its new dedicated Tanzania Agribusiness Window competition (TZAW).

This investment opportunity is not targeted at smallholder farmers themselves, but at the businesses that lead growth and change in the smallholder sector. It is open for business opportunities throughout Tanzania and to both Tanzanian and international applicants.

The project should combine profitability with development impact. TZAW will provide grants of up to US$1 million to for-profit companies for ideas in agribusiness and value chains which extend from rural Tanzania to local and international markets.

These competitions present exciting opportunities for funding for business. The competitions are open until January 31st 2011.

That could be an opportunity for companies looking into organic cotton production.

More information on the following link.

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