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20 March 2018

Totally Erected Fashion Studio is a new Bulgarian fashion label that within a year of existence totally changed the ideas of many Bulgarians about fashion and life style.
Two young ladies have established this label and its extravagant name.
Veronika Vapirova was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Veronika graduated at the High School of Fine Arts in Sofia and studied fashion at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts "Krastyo Sarafov". She evolved her passion for fashion that reflects her perceptions of life in two different countries.
In 2002 Veronika was lucky to meet Dessislava Bozhkova who had completed her education in economics. Despite of her young age Dessislava possesses an eager aptitude for entrepreneurship. She was impressed by Veronika's talent and fashion sketches; by this time the fashion designer had realized that marketing was not less important than the product creation itself. This is how the two ladies decided to develop the concept of a fashion label.
The dream turned into reality in 2003 with a small collection of 10 pieces of fashion clothing called Incognito, an attractive website and the shocking name of Totally Erected.
In 2004 the collection Dancing girl was promoted and the team commenced its work on TV spots and concerts for some of the most popular pop and rock singers in the country. Veronika was acknowledged as a fashion designer by the media and various people of arts and Dessislava was working on the management of the label and the opening of their own showroom. The architects Daniela Topalova and Dimitar Slavchev who were awarded the Grand Prix in Cannes for best design of a beauty studio in the world in 2005, were invited to create the interior of the studio's showroom.
On 16th August 2005 in the centre of Sofia the first unique for Bulgaria fashion studio Totally Erected was opened - a place where Bulgarian and foreign designers in the field of fashion as well as in the sphere of contemporary art can present their works.
"We believe that creativity, new vision and even social projects in fashion will help us overcome the conservative attitudes of the Bulgarians", Veronika and Dessislava say.
At the end of 2005 the collection "One way ticket" - part I was shown with great success during the week of Bulgaria on FTV; the second part of the same theme was presented on a multimedia fashion show at an old shoes factory in one of the residential areas of Sofia.
In 2006 team of Totally Erected Fashion Studio worked on different projects in Bulgaria and abroad. Some of their collections were selling in New York, Miami, and recently in Vienna. The studio was nominated in the fashion section of the Annual Awards of the Bulgarian edition of Grazia magazine; it is also one of the first members of the Association of Fashion and Textile Designers in Bulgaria.
In February 2007 Totally Erected Fashion Studio is to take part in the activity New Discovery at the CPD Dusseldorf Exhibition for brands that have won recognition on national markets and then show their fashion design products on the world markets.
The hint in the company name may be translated from English into Bulgarian in different ways. Together with the popular shocking translation there is a meaning that is surely worth noting. Totally Erected can certainly be "totally erected", i.e. with heads proudly up because what they do is done in the best possible way.


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