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22 March 2018

The quota free trade in textiles will soon turn into a reality. The European retailers will place their last spring/summer (2007) orders under the regime of the agreement that limits the growth of Chinese clothing and textile exports to EU-25.

The next time they will buy summer goods, they will be able to place initial orders without fear of new "bra war" that detained 75 million pieces of clothing at the European ports for few months till September 2005.

But we all know how difficult is to plan the whole season and the need of quick suppliers grows together with the need of supplies from countries like China and India. These quick suppliers will help the retailers to keep ongoing deliveries and to keep the shelves full of goods.

That is why European retailers need new sources, such as the Emerging Eastern European (EEE) clothing industry whose new face is Development, Design and Delivery on time (DDD).


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Tune-In :: Textile Universe News