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20 April 2018

"Selling is a dying art."Global competition has changed all the rules of competition.  Loyal customers, lower prices, and product innovations are no longer keys to making a sale.  With the luxury of choice, customers are fickle and demanding -- and knowledgeable enough to make their own decisions between competing products.  And competitors can quickly match lower prices or product innovations. As global competition brings new challenges, technology brings new solutions.  Telephones, faxes, and computers connect companies to customers and potential customers at a fraction of the cost (and time!) of the salesperson in the car or plane.  Telesales are replacing direct sales. The traditional sales force is dying.  The function and methods of the salesperson have been made obsolete by technology, competition, and the customers.And yet in the new competitve market, finding and keeping customers are more vital than ever to survival of the business.  Organizations realize that sales are the essence of business.  Chief executives are realizing that their jobs are not to grow shareholder value or finance acquisitions, but to sell their products to customers.  Without sales there is no business. The model of the traditional salesperson is dying not because sales are less important today, but because sales are so important that they can no longer be the responsbility of one person or one unit in the company.  One salesperson cannot fulfill the expectations and requirements of his or her customers.  The entire organization must be involved.  No longer a transaction between salesperson and customer, sales have become a full partnership between the seller's and the buyer's organizations.  Establishing partnerships, not selling products or services, is the new function of sales.
Full article by Larry Wilson & Hersch Wilson


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