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26 April 2018
According to research for Clothes Show Live women love shopping more than men. In a national survey of women’s attitudes to shopping, Clothes Show Live found that women would prefer to bag their ideal shopping purchase than bag their ideal man.

Over 1,000 women attending Clothes Show Live were surveyed in the research to coincide with this December’s fashion and beauty event taking place from 4-9 December at Birmingham NEC. The study found that 64% of women would prefer to go shopping with Cheryl Cole than go on a date with their ideal man. Going on a date with their ideal man and picking up their ideal purchase both produced similar physiological responses such as feeling excited, happy, and irrational as they need to get that must have purchase / man.

Women, on average, spend £137 on a shopping trip and spend, on average, just £68 on their boyfriend/partners birthday present/s. 58% of respondents were more disappointed when their favourite item was out of stock than if they were stood up on a date.

Taking place three weeks before Christmas, Clothes Show Live will present leading fashion and beauty brands, a 6500 seater Fashion Theatre and appearances from Fearne Cotton, George Lamb, Gok Wan, Caryn Franklin, Dave Berry, Hollyoaks stars and other fave celebs over six days.


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