The clothing market in Eastern Europe is under development. Whether in Sofia, Bucharest or Moscow you will find everywhere the remaining signs of the street trade, small pavilions, small shops, and bazaars with goods coming from Turkey, India and China. Even on the main shopping streets in Sofia where the rents vary between 60-100 Euro per square meter/monthly, you will see Indian shawls and Chinese caps for 2 Euro sold on a table next to luxurious shops. The city council is not anxious that Vitosha Street will be banalized, they collect too high fees from the street traders that have to stay in cold winter dressed in suits from the Norwegian oil platforms. The trade of the small things - accessories, caps, gloves, socks, T-shirts and anything that can be flat packed and carried every day from home to the "shop" is 99% in the hand of these people. Some of the traders that are more advanced may have 15 year old car to drive to the shopping street. Before that they have to go to the bazaar in the district of Ilientsi to buy in bulk. The bazaar changes also. Five years ago it was very similar to what you could see at the orient. Now many of the old warehouses turn into shopping malls.
It happens also in the city center of Sofia. Shopping malls and centers grow in weeks. Most of the contracts for rents of shops in the shopping malls are signed for minimum three years. It happens in the country side too. Shopping malls were built in Plovdiv, Varna, Veliko Turnovo. It looks like Bulgaria will enter in EU with the mix smell of new shopping malls and oriental trade.


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