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The CM is less than 5% of the garment costs ...
Today production moves from country to country not only for cost reasons. Finally entrepreneurs understood that the cost of the CMT or CM... Robert Alexandriysky
To take advantage of the new opportunities
The Czech Republic's textile manufacturers are under constant pressure from Asian importers...
Italy in the face of the growing competition from China
Many mid-market brands have already moved almost all of their production abroad...
"Miroglio Bulgaria" received a First Class Investment Certificate
.."Miroglio Bulgaria" has already built 6 factories in Bulgaria and by the end of 2005 the company has made investments of over EUR 150 mln..
Discovering new solutions
Did you read the Business Week story of Helen Morley, a Manhatan designer who markets to retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and her move in 2005 to China...
UNEP Targets Retail and Fashion Industry to Promote 'Cool' Green Lifestyles
From the catwalk to the consumer, the world's leading fashion designers and retail giants could play a major role in saving the planet...
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