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24 October 2017
Prague is not known as a city of fashion. However, the country's most important event in this field - the twice-annual Prague Fashion Week - is getting more popular every year.The tenth Prague Fashion Week opened on Monday night with a show... L. Petakova
Peter Shterev ltd. is a producer and exporter of baby's home textiles for more than 10 years. The products in this group seem to be very simple and ordinary such as bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow case, bumper, drape, play mat, hooded towel, bib and ...
The Chinese economy continues its dynamic performance, averaging around 10% growth for the last 5 years. As barriers to entry are reduced, more and more businesses are considering their entry into China. This is in an effort to capture some percentage of
The sunrise comes to Varna first before it warms the other European cities. The second largest city in Bulgaria expects the summer and over 1 million tourists to come with new hotels, shops and malls...
At the end of 2007 the producers in Europe will experience for a second time the effects of the end of the Multifiber agreement. It is sure many will try to go to China again, many will go other countries like Bangladesh and India. Is that the only ...
The twice yearly "Prague Fashion Week" now attracts plenty of potential clients whose purchasing power has climbed in the last decade...Daniela Lazarova...
"This is a booming market with fantastic potential", Nikolaus Reusch, Managing Partner of Kapalua, stated. "Business in the middle market segment is especially increasing," Steilmann's ...
With fast fashion developments in Europe, Bulgarian small and medium sized companies have the best position among all countries in the region...
How can H&M clothes be so cute -- yet so cheap? Afraid of the most probable answer, but too guilty to keep shopping, I decided to take a closer look...
The Bulgarian experience...
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