7 low-carbon fashion companies
Contributing to climate change tops our list of fashion don’ts. Luckily, we no longer have to sacrifice style for sustainability, thanks to a new wave of trendsetting designers and retailers who are showing the world that "eco-fashion" is ...
How to Outsource Your Manufacturing to China
When it comes to manufacturing, few regions can compete with China’s labor costs. Companies that rely on outsourced products, however, have lots of new hurdles to clear — just ask the firms that wound up selling lead-laced toys made in China...
China's rich have insatiable appetite for haute couture
China's millionaires' club is expanding rapidly and manynew members are women who don't even blink when asked to pay acool $10,000 (5,000 pounds) for a cocktail dress from a top international designer...
How “Green” and a Bad Economy Influence A Woman’s Buying Path
Green interests, and the struggling economy are certainly having an effect. But, no matter what the root cause, women’s buying paths can be seen changing course mid-way, adding or leaving out stops altogether. Are we as marketers paying attention?...
Six Reasons Why Women Are the Most Important Audience for Changing the World
As marketing gurus Tom Peters and Marti Barletta put it, there is "a widespread recognition among business leaders of the blazingly obvious ...
Never Again !
It was his childhood dream, to travel the world. So in 2003, at the age of 25, Ludovic Hubler started. To meet local people, he chose to hitch hike and never spent a cent on traveling. Exactly five years later, he ended his journey after having visited..
Which textiles are most eco-friendly
There’s plenty of hype about organic textiles and their sustainability these days, but are they as eco-friendly as we think they are? I decided to look behind the scenes to find out which textiles are truly sustainable and eco-friendly? ...
Is Fast Fashion Ethical?
It is a no longer a secret. Fashion houses employ laborers from foreign countries, underpay them and make them work in poor working conditions...
China shoes industry remains strong inspite recent factory closures
China's position as the world's top shoemaker will not be shaken by the closure last year of a fifth of the manufacturers in Guangdong province, experts have said. "The industrial reshuffle has just begun. More SMEs without core competitiveness...
It’s Fashion Week
The event demonstrated that fashion has evolved from a privilege for the elite to a commonplace among all types of people. New designers with a myriad of different takes on the art form that is fashion are emerging everywhere...
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