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20 April 2018
Renowned Bulgarian Sculptor Dimitar Lukanov creates one-of-a-kind bronze sculpture using 5000-year old "lost wax" method. It was a nice evening to get over to Terminal 4 to view the new sculpture commissioned and now present in a prominent part of the terminal. It was also nice to run into many airport colleagues who were also there to enjoy the sculpture as well as the nice snack spread prepared for the event.
Along with the management of Terminal 4, we were also graced by the attendance of the Bulgarian Counsel General to the United States. The sculpture is named "Light to Sky," and is a 16-foot, bronze sculpture created with a 5000-year-old process known as the "lost wax" method. Designed by renowned Bulgarian-American sculptor Dimitar Lukanov, the intricate and delicate piece was commissioned for JFK Terminal 4's Arrivals Hall. The lost wax method is a labor-intensive, ancient process in which beeswax is molded as a cast for the bronze and is then melted, hence the term "lost wax." For "Light to Sky" eight large parts were created directly in beeswax and served as a unique model to create the one-of-a-kind sculpture, which cannot be reproduced. "Light to Sky", weighing one ton, gives the impression of movement as it is transparent yet solid. Its boundary-less silhouette, like a staircase to the sky, conveys a sense of the movement of international travelers passing through the terminal.
www.airportpress.us, www.dimitarlukanov.com

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