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20 April 2018

The Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) is a network of designers, businesses and organisations focusing upon social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry.

The EFF aims to reduce poverty and create sustainable livelihoods by supporting, promoting and facilitating innovative values led business practices within the garment industry.

The EFF approach is:

INCLUSIVE: Open to designers, retailers, buyers, fair trade producers, manufacturers, NGO’s, fashion students and tutors, consumers… The EFF provides a platform for shared practices, pooling resources, communication and links across the industry.

PROGRESSIVE: Complex, global supply chains make it difficult for fashion companies to implement sustainable standards in a single step. The EFF encourages progressive, structured practices towards sustainability.

GRASS ROOTS: Founded by fashion designers and businesses in response to challenges to sustainable practices, the EFF has been designed and developed by the industry, for the industry.

NOT FOR PROFIT A membership organisation, the EFF is focused upon poverty reduction, education and the environment, in relation to the fashion industry.  

“Ethical Fashion” means different things to different people. For the EFF, ethical fashion represents an approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of clothing, which is both socially and environmentally sustainable. We work with fashion designers, companies, and industry partners to promote and implement progressive sustainable practices
across the fashion industry supply chain.

The global garment industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. The worlds consumers spent around US$1 trillion buying clothes in 2000, with around one third of sales in Western Europe, one third in North America,
and one quarter in Asia.

With the majority of garment manufacture concentrated in some of the poorest parts of the world, the fashion industry represents an enormous opportunity to create sustainable livelihoods and to lift communities out of poverty. However, very little of the value of the industry is currently transferred to those who need it most. Poverty wages, unfair and unsafe conditions for garment workers continue to be widespread.

When it comes to the environment, the global fashion industry has an enormous impact, through the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides, polluting and depleting water supplies, inefficient processes, transport, and waste.


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