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22 March 2018

Bestseller is a family-owned clothing company founded in Ringkøbing, Denmark, in 1975 by Troels Holch Povlsen.

Today, Bestseller employs more than 20,000 people – designing, developing, selling and marketing Bestseller’s brands. Initially, Bestseller focused on children's fashion, however, only a few years later, Bestseller introduced the first collections for both young women and men.

Today, Bestseller’s clothes and accessories are sold to young women and men, teenagers and children, and they are sold under the brand names: EXIT (1986), Vero Moda (1987), Jack & Jones (1990), VILA (1993), name it (1996), ONLY (1996), Selected (1997), Pieces accessories (2003), Object Collectors Item (2003), mama·licious (2005) and OUTFITTERS NATION (2007).

Clothes and accessories are sold in Europe, the Middle East, China and Canada, mainly through our chain stores but also through more than 12,000 independent retailers. The first independent Bestseller shop opened in 1988 and today Bestseller has more than 3,300 shops in over 38 countries. These shops are based on close and loyal relationships between business partners and Bestseller - with Bestseller being the main supplier.

Bestseller does not own any factories, instead we co-operate with loyal suppliers in both Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Moreover, they have independent buyers in Italy, Turkey, India and China.

In 2006/7 Bestseller’s turnover was € 1,397 mil. This does not include turnover and earnings for China as well as partner related retail turnover. Despite these figures, it has always been a primary goal at Bestseller to create a company that concentrates on developing people before business.

10 basic principles
More than 30 years ago Troels Holch Povlsen, Bestseller's founder, phrased the 10 basic principles of the company. The principles from 1975 still express the essence of the Bestseller spirit. They were reliable guidelines when there was a single shop in Ringkøbing to manage. And they still are today, where Bestseller employs more than 15,000 people around the world.

1. We are honest

2. We are hard-working

3. We are loyal

4. We are co-operative 

5. We are business minded

6. We want to see results

7. We want simple solutions

8. We take nothing for granted

9. We always keep our promises 

10. We want to be the best

The vision
One World - One Philosophy - One Family

One World 
Bestseller world is built on fairness and opportunities. Cultural differences are an advantage, which will promote quality, extraordinary results and good values. Always trying to give more than we promise we try to meet remoteness with closeness.

One Philosophy
Bestseller's 10 Basic Principles come alive. They are humble and together and work hard. Beseller base co-operation on trust, partnership and honesty. They treat all people as individuals but they think and act as a team. Therefore they succeed.

One Family
The backbone of Bestseller is family feeling. They help each other and have unlimited faith in the family relatives. They show identity in the good examples are set for one another. Bestseller are proud of their family. It is both their link to the past and the foundation of their future...

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