With the goal of achieving higher production quality by putting the utmost attention on the implementation of high technologies, forming clusters, creating new products, ignoring purely technological innovations, training personnel, increasing the output of workers, creating new working places, the Lithuanian Apparel and Textile Industry Association prepared a developmental vision and strategic goals for the Lithuanian apparel and textile sector until 2010.

It is possible to use favourable trends, reinforce present advantages, and accumulative competence in this sector of industry by focusing efforts, acting purposefully and cooperatively, and uniting business entities and their representative institutions, scientific, educational and counselling organizations, and government institutions.

These underlying goals have been set out in the developmental strategy of the Lithuanian textile and clothing sector:

Lithuania becomes best supplier of men and women's outerwear for Europe. It wins approval for its flexible supply network management system, which is able to speedily provide men and women's outerwear to end users.

Lithuanian companies continually demonstrate and show the ability to:

And these results are obtained by:

  • Lithuania becomes known in the world for using new generation multifunctional material, which is supported by nanotechnology, plasma engineering, etc. Textile companies acquire the skills needed to create and manufacture new generation, high value-added products, which are designed for:
  • Lithuania's traditional textile industry - classical, household textiles, folk art - is developed by accumulating experience. Lithuanian textile companies cooperate, uphold and expand skills, and strengthen their reputation as trustworthy manufacturers in Europe and other countries.
  • Thanks to unique historical traditions, the Lithuanian textile and clothing sector has good prospects to manufacture high value-added products. Besides the country's strong textile and clothing industry, there is well-qualified scientific potential and there are experts trained in various specialties.

    Source: http://www.latia.lt/


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