Peter Shterev ltd. is a producer and exporter of baby's home textiles for more than 10 years. The products in this group seem to be very simple and ordinary such as bed sheet, duvet cover, pillow case, bumper, drape, play mat, hooded towel, bib and bathrobe.
The company chose this niche in defiance of the warnings for a full hegemony of China in this products after the liberalization of the imports in EU at the end of 2007. But there is a necessity for quick supplies of small quantities for the smaller shops in Europe like by all other fashionable articles. This necessity leaves Peter Shterev LTD on the market. The trade mark of the company for Bulgaria is VIP BABY.
The main reason for the success of the company is the continuous development which means dynamics in prints, designs, models and materials because the influence of the fashion is very tangible in this niche.
The company is member of the Bulgarian Association of Apparel and Textile Producers and Exporters. Mr. Peter Shterev is a Rotarian and member of the Union of the Entrepreneurs.
The shadows after Bulgaria's entry into EU have not yet gone. Mr. Shterev is a witness of the slowdown in the business activities of many of his partners after the entering of the 10 new EU- members. The company decided to minimize the probability for this with the support of new clients and partners. That's why they took a decision to participate at the biggest fair in the branch Heimtextil in Frankfurt. This participation was realized with the support of the Swiss organization SIPPO.
Without good preparation the participation at the fair would be just an expensive excursion. Mr.Shterev asked for consultant help by SES (Senior Expert Service). The company wanted to receive a real help and that is way they attached a special conditions regarding the expert needed. The company refused few proposals until finding German expert who owned a shop for baby textiles in the past and who news the main "players" on this market. They contacted with his help the potential partners for Peter Shterev ltd. and invited them to visit the stand of the company at the fair.
Senior Expert advised the company to change the marketing concept. The logo and the web site of the company were changed with the help of another German expert in advertisement.
The result of all these targeted actions was really good. The company stand was visited by more then 20 potential partners at Heimtextil-fair 2006. After correspondence, sampling and offering correct prices, the company received 3 orders from new clients during following year.
The situation during the last Heimtextil-fair in 2007 were similar. Most of the visitors from 2006 visited the company stand once again. The expectation of the company for this year is for 3 new clients. But there is a lot of work: samples, offers, trial orders etc. Peter Shterev LTD knows that it is very important to have a good preparation for the fair but very important is the following up work.
May be SIPPO will stop the support for Bulgaria after its entering in EU. Peter Shterev has to make the difficult decision for further participation at the fair for triple higher expenses. But do the company have the right of choice having in mind the great Asian pressure?


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