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20 March 2018

The sunrise comes to Varna first before it warms the other European cities. The second largest city in Bulgaria expects the summer and over 1 million tourists to come with new hotels, shops and malls. This year the winter did not walk into the Bulgarian cities. The malls and the street shops in Varna, Sofia and Plovdiv were ready to meet the shoppers, but they did not show great interest. Some 20 000 people estimated as a wealthy people could not satisfy the expectations of the shop owners in the three bigest cities in Bulgaria with population over 2 million people.
After the opening of several new malls, new international brands made steps to  take share of the growing potential of the Bulgarian consumer. Last year the country did 6.5% increase in GDP, as of 1st of january 2007 the country joined EU, new jobs in and outside the country will create better incomes. Zara and Oviesse made recent moves to join the company of Mango, Steillmann and many others. Bulgarian brands like Lara Vill, Etere, Markam and others knowing the lifestyle of the bulgarian women are amongst the important  market players.
The grey economy is still major player for the mass goods. The imports of cheap second quality clothing from Turkey, China, India and other Asian countries included branded goods continues to rise.
So who is losing a share, are all compnaies and countries winners. These are the questions we would like to answer.
However the next three years are important for the consumers. They will have to adapt to the new environment, to meet the raise of the prices in all services supplied by the market monopolists - power and water supply, central heating, fuel.
For this reason the future of the players on clothing market in Bulgaria is question of management, quick reaction to the changes and good marketing.


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