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24 March 2018

Today production moves from country to country not only for cost reasons. Finally entrepreneurs understood that the cost of the CMT or CM is less than 5% of the market price of a garment. They also understood that the fast fashion market is getting more important and reached nearly 50% of the retail sales. Faced with the dilemma to have increased turnover with fast goods or to look for new suppliers with maybe better CM price, more companies chose the first option. The hunt for new hungry producers in Eastern Europe is now down. In Bulgaria and Romania is hard to find sewing capacity. Are there other "fast" countries on the row...?

Robert Alexandriysky is co-founder, ex-president  (1998-2004) and honorable member of the Board of the Bulgarian Association of the Producers and Exporters of Apparel and Textiles.

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Tune-In :: Textile Universe News