UK world's most international retail market
The UK has maintained its position as the world's most international retail market, according to the new edition of the How Global is the Business of Retail? Attracting 58% of all international retail brands surveyed, the UK is now closely followed by...
Does production relocation offer sustainable solution?
The new management model in the fashion business should be focused on the customer’s response. The customer today is not the customer before January 1st, 2005 and it is not only this date that made the customer looking for more value when shopping...
Brazilian fashion
Today, the country’s beach fashion can be found around the world, a success explained by their distinct design and high quality of creations...
Waste Couture: Environmental Impact of the Clothing Industry
...regulations and standards, coupled with increasing consumer awareness about less toxic and sustainable products, may provide some impetus to revolutionize the garment industry. However, the biggest impacts for increasing sustainability in the clothing
EU China trade
Europe's trade deficit with China is growing at €17 million every hour. In 2006 it was €131 billion euros. In 2007 it is likely to be about €170 billion euros. The trade deficit is focussed in office and telecom equipment, textiles and light manufacturing
Inditex case study
The Inditex Group is comprised of over one hundred companies associated with the business of textile design, manufacturing and distribution. Thanks to its achievements and the uniqueness of its management model based on innovation...
Beijing number of residents reach 16.33 million
Beijing has forecst 9 percent annual economic growth over the next five years, with per capita GDP expected to grow from current 7000$ to 10000$ over the same period, according to a city's government report. In the past five years...
Stockmann company profile
The Finish group Stcokmann cannot remain unnoticed among the growing companies in Europe. Among their moves we can mention the introduction of giants like Zara and Nike to the Russian market, which made us call them the Trojan horse for the Russian capita
Borderless Manufacturing or Value Added Sourcing
EU buyers force the sourcing supply chain in developing countries to become a specialist either in Borderless Manufacturing or Value Added Sourcing. Will your country’s exporters be ranked by value rather than by volume or price?Trends in market...
Lithuania - textile/clothing industry in 2006
Lithuanian apparel and textile industry is one of the oldest industry branches in Lithuania with long lasting traditions. It is a traditional industry of the country, which makes different and various production...
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