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15 December 2017
List of market studies

While the luxurious brands are already placed on the markets of Eastern Europe, the growing middle class is still looking for its favorites. The fashion streets are well known, the malls are growing like mushrooms. Are there still niches? A company may get many advises how to enter the market, but to be able to take the decision, the need to know the facts about the potential and the competition. Our field expert Robert Alexandriysky prepares the studies below:

The market of ladie's clothing in Bulgaria (2006)

The market of men's clothing in Bulgaria (2006)

The market of children's clothing in Bulgaria (2006)

The market of clothing and textiles in Russia (2006)

The market of ladie's wear in Russia (2006)

The market of children's wear in Russia (2006)

The market of clothing in Romania (2006)

To receive any of these studies or to ask for a specific study, please write to office@tune-in.info . Please allow 7 days for payment receipt and delivery.





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