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16 December 2017
While the luxurious brands are already placed on the markets of Eastern Europe, the growing middle class is still looking for its favorites. The fashion streets are well known, the malls are growing like mushrooms...
In the garment industry, for example, foreign companies are doing a booming trade with east European countries in the business of "fast fashion"-ordered and manufactured in speedy response to sales trends...
The analyses of the imports of clothing and textiles into EU for the first four months (FFM) of 2006 outlined the new winners and losers.
With a population of 143 million people Russia is considered one of the emerging world clothing and textile markets ...
The bulgarian textile and clothing sector is extremely export oriented and it is one of the few Bulgarian industries that have positive foreign trade balance...
In 2005 the branch was confronted with severe competition in world markets, which was influenced by the expiry of the World Trade Organisation Agreement on Textiles and Clothing on 31 December 2004...
German companies were the first to come to Bulgaria. The city of Russe situated on the Danube River attracted company like Trumph...
In 1836 Sultan Mahmud II signed a memorandum to release from taxes the first clothing factory established in Sliven, Bulgaria by Mr.Dobri Jeliazkov (Fabrikadjiata)...
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Tune-In :: Textile Universe News