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25 March 2018

"Bulgaria is the biggest surprise." Wolfgang Weis, managing Weis Consulting GMBH, one of the best experts in Eastern European clothing and textile production had to call Eurostat to check if the figures about the rise of the Bulgarian exports for the first half of 2006 were correct.
Not to be surprised, we offer the entrepreneurs, looking for establishment of successfull operations within the next 5-7 years the following reports:

Production of clothing in Bulgaria (2006) 

Production clusters - Ladie's soft separates (2006)

Production cluster - Men's wear (2006)

Production of corporate, protection and uniform wear in Bulgaria (2006)

The production of clothing in South - West Bulgaria (2006)

The production of clothing in Central - South Bulgaria (2006)

The production of clothing in Central - North Bulgaria (2006)

The production of clothing in East - North Bulgaria (2006)

Top 100 producers of clothing in Bulgaria.

Production of clothing in Russia (2006)

Production of clothing in Romania (2006)

To receive the required report or to ask for a specific one, please write to office@tune-in.info . Please allow one week for payment receipt and delivery.


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