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16 December 2017
Bulgaria's growth in clothing and textile production is noticed by European and other market analysts. However most people put the same dark glasses used in the last ten years. In recent release published by Textile Inteligence in June 2007...
Bulgaria's textile and clothing exports in 2006 have reached 1.784 billion EUR (Chapters 50-63 of the HS) which represents a 7% increase over the previous year. It is a remarkable result compared to the slight decrease observed at the end of 2005 (-0.8%).
The textile and clothing industry has undergone very serious changes in Hungary. The size of the garment industry is getting smaller in Hungary, and moving towards the East and the Far East, because of the lower costs in these regions...
The new study, supported by the European Commission, identified major opportunities for EU exporters after an assessment of the expanding market in China.
The Balkan countries are amongst the winners of the silent clothing battle in Europe in 2006. With no exception all countries show positive results in the trade with EU-25. Highest score with over 120 % increase made...
High quality products, labour capacity and attractive prices - these are the main competitive advantages that characterise the Bulgarian market as an attractive destination for investments in the textile industry...
China has the ambitions to increase the exports of clothing and textiles by 15% in 2007. If that happenes their exports to the world will rise by about 22 bln usdollars...
Most large textile producers in Serbia have developed deep-rooted cooperation in the area of cut-manufacture-trim operations with Western companies and have demonstrated experience successfully meeting their rigorous quality standards...
"Bulgaria is the biggest surprise." Wolfgang Weis, managing Weis Consulting GMBH, one of the best experts in Eastern European clothing and textile production had to call Eurostat to check if the figures about the rise of the Bulgarian exports were...
In its announcement the European Commission neither recommends to establish Community Sector Programs for textile and clothing industry or any specific sector and regional initiatives that could waive the rules of free accession and competition...
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