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20 April 2018
Figures realeased by the Beijing statistics bureau show that the number of residents in the capital of China Beijing was 16.33 mln at the end of 2007, including 12.13 million with household registration and about 4.2 million migrant workers.
In response to a question about whether the economy in Beijing will fall into a recession after the Olimpic games,as has happened in other host cities, Wang Haiping, deputy director of the municipal develepoment and reform commission said the so-called "post Olimpics" phenomenon will not affect Beijing. Growing consumption and a booming national economy are major supportive factors, he added.
Beijing has forecst 9 percent annual economic growth over the next five years, with per capita GDP expected to grow from current 7000$ to 10000$ over the same period, according to a city's government report. In the past five years, the city saw annual growth of 12 percent.
Source: China Daily

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