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20 April 2018

Will your country's exporters be ranked by value rather than by volume or price?

Trends in market access Supplying a good garment at the right delivery and price, is not just an asset but an entry level requirement. After the quota phase out in 2005 and the last restraints to be eliminated at the end of 2007 for China, it is essential not only to monitor but to control the changes in the apparel supply chain. Roles of traditional sourcing markets are changing, due to retailers" constant pursuit of greater efficiencies and control. The consequence is "Borderless Manufacturing".

Refocus and repositionA miscalculation of three Euro cents can make the difference between life and death- or at least profit and loss. To master this, exporters in developing countries need to supply the "best package" rather than "the cheapest product", i.e. the so-called "value added sourcing".

Make the change from Borderless manufacturer to Value added supplier and you will survive in a demanding, fast-changing consumer market. Garment manufacturers regain control through strategic solutions paths: 


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