The analyses of the imports of clothing and textiles into EU for the first four months (FFM) of 2006 outlined the new winners and losers.

The breaking news is that China is 23% more expensive compared to the same period last year and the average import price per kg is now 8.80 Euro. China lost 9.4 of its volume in kg in the FFM while imports through Hong Kong increased by almost 70%.

Other Asian countries also increased exports to EU - Vietnam increased exports by almost 95%, Malaysia and Indonesia did the same by 38.3 and 19.4% respectively.

The next winner amongst the first ten countries is Bulgaria with 14.2 % increase in volume terms with average price of 13.10 Euro per kg.

Romania made less 2.3% in volume terms with price of 17 Euro/kg, Morocco is at about the same numbers, while Tunisia lost 8.2 % in volume and increased price to 18 Euro/kg.

Ukraine lost 13.6% in volume and is now at 10.32 Euro per kg.

In the EU list of exports the promising market of Russia is now down with 7.6% and 42.5% price increase in price, Bulgaria is less 1.5% while Romania is up 4% in volume terms.

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