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25 March 2018

German companies were the first to come to Bulgaria. The city of Russe situated on the Danube River attracted company like Trumph Blusen GMBH to produce its blouses in the seventies of the last century. Since then, millions of blouses were delivered to Germany, the German company went out of business, but the producer is still there in Russe, more than hundred new production units were established. The first were to produce ladies blouses, when more buyers arrived, they started to ask for skirts, trousers and jackets. The market responded. The buyers got the service and started operations. After the Germans, came the French invasion, now the cluster in Russe produces quality ladies clothing for all top European brands.

The companies in this city with outstanding cultural history took the chance of the opening Bulgarian and Eastern European markets where they market their brands.

If you want to read the full report on the production of ladie's blouses and other soft separates in Russe, please e-mail to office@tune-in.info. The report contains adresses and short profiles of 20 leading manufacturers.



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