In 1836 Sultan Mahmud II signed a memorandum to release from taxes the first clothing factory established in Sliven, Bulgaria by Mr.Dobri Jeliazkov (Fabrikadjiata). Today 170 years later, the Italian Company Miroglio runs a huge textile mill in this city under favorable corporate tax of 15% - one of the lowest in Europe.

The tradition of clothing and textile production in Bulgaria was not broken during the years. Almost 200 000 people are now engaged in this industry cluster mostly in clothing factories, producing goods for famous European brands. In 2003 the industry experts recognized the country as important production center in the heart of Europe.

The country is situated between two other textile giants - Turkey and Romania, both countries times larger than Bulgaria. Turkey, with young population demonstrate productivity close to the European standards, Romanian huge factories attracted many international companies and is named as European "trousers valley".

Can you imagine an attractive industry whose productivity is about half of the European? Yes, if the product is sophisticated and needs patience and attention. Bulgarian clothing exports represent mainly ladies woven clothing made of fine fabrics with special production care. Small and medium sized factories serve the European brands with delivery time from two to three weeks.

For many of the European retailers, sourcing from Asia is impossible. Distance, cultural barriers, minimum quantity per order are just some of the problems faced by the smaller shops. Many of them find in Bulgaria suppliers that operate with own brands, offering good combination of good quality, competitive prices and on time delivery.

Bulgarian designer's collections are now sold in shops in New York, London, Frankfurt/M, Budapest, Moscow and many other cities around the world. Created by talented young designers they bring new south flavor to the world's famous fashion centers and receive international recognition.

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