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22 May 2018
Fashion days in the Bulgarian fashion capital Russe

The beautiful town of Russe, situated on the Danube will be again Bulgarian fashion capital. The city being the European connection of Bulgaria for centuries, the window of Bulgaria during the regime of Mithad pasha and the Ottoman Empire will host spectacular show on 23 and 24th of September 2006.

The Bulgarian Fashion Academy headed by Mrs. Donka Ganeva and Assoc. Prof. Mr. Lubomir Stoykov Ph.D. will announce the Fashion Mercury awards for best achievements in the fashion business and entrepreneurs for 2006.

An international conference on the fashion world design, production and commercial practices will be held on the second day. The aim of the event supported by the local town authorities and the Union of Clothing and Textiles Producers in Russe http://www.fashion.bg/rousse/index.php?lang=en is to promote the exchange of ideas between the fashion community in Bulgaria and "Made in Bulgaria" design and brands.


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