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23 May 2018
Sales of Seppälä continue to grow in Russia
In August, the Stockmann Group's strong sales were continued. The Group sales increased by 11 per cent to EUR 124.2 million.

The best percentage increase was reported by Seppälä, up 16 per cent. In Finland, Seppälä's sales were up 2 per cent, while sales abroad were up 59 per cent. The strong sales growth in all market areas was based both on good like-for-like growth and expansion of the retail network, especially in Russia.

Sales by the Department Store Division were up 10 per cent. In Finland, sales were up 8 per cent, and sales abroad were up 19 per cent. The good sales growth abroad was contributed, for instance, by the sales of the new department store opened in Moscow in February and expansion of the Bestseller chain in Russia.

Source : STOCKMANN plc

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