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22 May 2018
Stockholm fashion Week
Mercedes-Benz new sponsor of Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns

Stockholm, April 2008 - Mercedes-Benz has signed a sponsorship deal with Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns. This deal is a great achievement for Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns as Mercedes-Benz is already strongly linked to the fashion industry ­ the company is the main and title sponsor of the New York, Los Angeles and Miami fashion weeks and is also involved in the fashion weeks in Berlin and Milan.

Mercedes-Benz is beginning their sponsorship in conjunction with this summer's edition of Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns, with fashion shows between 30 June and 3 July. Max Factor remains the main sponsor of this event.

"Mercedes-Benz is yet another big name in the world of fashion choosing to sponsor our event. Combined with Max Factor's sponsorship, this is an acknowledgement that the Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns has now reached an international level of quality and attention. Mercedes-Benz is a dedicated and proficient sponsor giving us both financial strength and additional activities during the week," says Yvonne Sörensen, Managing Director, Berns Salonger.

Mercedes-Benz' broad range of collaborations with the fashion industry is a natural way of expressing the car company's leadership within design while simultaneously connecting with something that is important to their customers. As part of the sponsorship ­ and aside from the strictly financial aspect of the deal ­ Mercedes-Benz will supply a number of cars during the week, host a fashion bar at Berns and arrange a contest for young promising fashion designers.

"The collaboration with Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns gives us the opportunity to support the work of boosting the Swedish fashion industry and at the same time strengthen our brand within a sphere close to our operations. We know that our target group in Sweden is very interested in fashion, and we hope that this will contribute to the success of the collaboration. We are very much looking forward to participating," says Roelof Lamberts, Marketing Director, Mercedes-Benz Sweden.

This summer's edition of Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns takes place between 30 June and 3 July.

For questions and further information please contact Sara Risberg, Patriksson Communication, on +468 528 00 590 or sara@patrikssonpr.com

Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns is a partnership between Berns Salonger, Patriksson Communication and Bon, with the aim of supporting the development of the Swedish fashion industry. The Organising Committee for Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns is made up of representatives from Berns Salonger, Patriksson Communication, Bon and the Creative Director of Peter Andersson Production.

Max Factor is the main sponsor of Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns. This cosmetics brand has a tradition of working in partnership with international fashion weeks, including acting as one of the main sponsors for Milan Fashion Week.

Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns

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