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22 March 2018
Self-help measures undertaken by the lessor prevents Stockmann from keeping a department store open for business in Moscow centre for time being. Stockmann's department store located in the Smolensky Passage shopping centre in Moscow ...
Mercedes-Benz has signed a sponsorship deal with Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns. This deal is a great achievement for Sthlm Fashion Week by Berns as Mercedes-Benz is already strongly linked to the fashion industry...
Zara will open its first two stores in South Korea tomorrow, bringing to 69 the number of countries in which Inditex does business. The first Zara stores to open their doors in Korea are in the capital, Seoul...
World trade growth slid to 5.5% last year from 8.5% in 2006 and may grow even more slowly in 2008 — at about 4.5% — as sharp economic deceleration in key developed countries is only partly offset by continuing strong growth in emerging economies...
The Stockmann Group is expanding rapidly in both the Baltic countries and Russia. In the Baltics, Stockmann already has a department store in Tallinn and Riga. In Finland there are seven Stockmann department stores, and four in Russia..
Some companies fear of chinese growing presence at their national markets. Some will srtike the chinese market. Companies from 23 countries will participate at CHIC 2008 in China...
The north west of England is set to become a major European centre for trade with China after ambitious plans for a £125million textile manufacturing hub were unveiled this week...
Professional development center Fashion Business Inc. unveils their newly created collaborative resource blog this week providing business owners with the answers to some of the industry's most commonly asked questions. In addition to addressing..
The first edition of the World Fashion Film Festival in Berlin took place on January 30th, 2008, in the Kosmos theatre during the Berlin Fashion Week during an evening event where the Berlin fashion world met with the support of the City of Berlin...
In a new, larger facility, Intertextile Beijing Apparel Fabrics 2008 will feature some of the biggest textile suppliers from around the world 27 - 29 March 2008, at the China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing. The venue is conveniently located ..
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