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22 May 2018
Interactive textile dictionary English - Chinese and Chinese - English
ABRAHAM’S  INTERACTIVE TEXTILE DICTIONARY who made the interactive textile dictionary working on CD-ROM in 5 languages in 2003 and a year later the interactive textile dictionary SPEAKING working on CD-ROM in 6 languages announced their new products:

  • Interactive textile dictionary English / Chinese SPEAKING working on PC / MAC
  • Interactive textile dictionary English / Chinese working on cellular phones

    The new software permits the instantaneous translation from English into Chinese and from Chinese into English. As easy to use as a pocket calculator it enables users to hear the pronunciation in Chinese and English by clicking on the required words or sentences.
  • Interactive textile dictionary European languages working on cellular phones.

    For those whose mother language is Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German its user-friendly and intuitive interface is a good complement to a phone conversation or  mail communication in English. A further advantage of this dictionary is that it can work in "DUO" with the former European-languages version in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German / ENGLISH, permitting those who do not totally master technical English, to use their mother tongue either Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese or German, sliding the word or the sentence found in the English/Chinese version, and immediately obtaining the Chinese translation.
The dictionary, containing technical terms indispensable for professionals of the textile industry, from raw materials, fibers manufacturing, chemicals, spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing, textile machinery, apparel industry, fashion design, textile accessories, to the usual commercial terms, will be essential for various fashion industry professionals. The dictionaries will be commercialized from October 15th. 2008 on and will only be workable through internet at www.online-textile.com.

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