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20 March 2018
Danish ethical Fashion Charter

Lately, there has been debate on the role of the fashion industry with regard to the occurrence of eating disorders and very thin models. Thus, a number of foreign fashion events have decided to delimit body measurements of models. DAFI (Danish Fashion Institute) and LMS (NATIONAL SOCIETY AGAINST EATING DISORDERS AND SELFMUTILATION) have been in dialogue on this matter, which has resulted in a common ethical charter to secure better welfare for Danish models and partake in creating information about eating disorders, and the ideals which the fashion industry a.o. generates....

Every culture holds certain beauty ideals that stress particular features and generate extreme behaviour. The varieties are many, historically as geographically.

The beauty, which the fashion industry portrays, is a manufactured one. Prior to any photo shoot, the model is styled by a host of professional hair- and makeup artists. The photographer sets optimum light and shoots numerous pictures. Having chosen the right picture, it goes through an extensive process of computer editing. Even the most beautiful of models are touched up to perfection.

Not even models look like their pictures. This knowledge must be communicated and diffused. Most important, the society, parents and other adults around the young must take responsibility and discuss ideals up against realities with them, - not least stress that it is, in fact, ok to look different from these ideals.

From : http://www.danishfashioninstitute.dk


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