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23 May 2018
Cause Related Marketing

As a global partner of UNICEF, IKEA supports long-term, integrated initiatives that produce measurable results for children. IKEA leverages its global reach by conducting the annual Soft Toy Campaign to support UNICEF.

Between November 3 and December 24, 2007, IKEA donated 1 Euro for every Soft Toy sold in all its stores globally during the third annual One Euro is a fortune campaign.  The donations benefit UNICEF and Save the Children education projects in nine countries. Funds raised during the 2007 campaign totaled nearly Euro 4.2 million.


© IKEA 2007
IKEA Soft Toy Collection 2007

The success of the IKEA Soft Toy Campaign over the last three years has been driven by the commitment and enthusiasm of IKEA customers and co-workers. Since 2003, all Soft Toy Campaign activities have raised a total of 11 million Euro.

“We are proud that IKEA can be a part of giving children access to quality education. Together with our customers, we can make a difference for children that really need it,” said Marianne Barner, Head of IKEA Social Initiative and Children's Ombudsman.

The 2007 IKEA Soft Toy Campaign will help children in need. In 2008, twelve projects in nine countries will focus on improving children’s education. IKEA’s strategic partnerships with UNICEF and Save the Children’s Fund contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Funds will support efforts including improving school facilities and access to water and toilets, and providing school benches, desks and educational supplies like books, pencils and writing pads for children and teachers. The money raised from Soft Campaign activities will bring countless smiles to the faces of so many children eager to learn and thrive.

© IKEA 2007

Equal access to education for all girls and boys and quality education in a child-friendly environment is the foundation. By working towards the goal for all children to have access to education, it becomes possible to build the knowledge necessary to combat disease and eradicate poverty and hunger.

"UNICEF’s partnership with IKEA is priceless. Our common commitment to continue to work towards measurable results in the best interest of children will make the world a better place,” said John Winston, Chief of International and Corporate Alliances for UNICEF.

Education enhances lives. It ends generational cycles of poverty and disease and provides the means for sustainable development. A quality basic education will better equip girls and boys to build lives and realize dreams.

UNICEF's portion from the 2007 donation is Euro 2,774,493 (US$4 million). Funds will benefit UNICEF projects in Albania, Bangladesh, China, Côte d’Ivoire, India, Pakistan, Russia, Sierra Leone and Vietnam.

About IKEA
IKEA is a global retailer of home furnishings established in 1943. Its mission focuses on good product design and function at affordable prices. IKEA is highly committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and is one of the industry pioneers in establishing and monitoring codes of conduct and standards of operation in its supply chain. IKEA has actively worked to eliminate child labour in its supply chain for many years.  UNICEF assisted IKEA in developing elements of its code of conduct relevant to Child Labour. IKEA incorporates environmentally friendly efforts into day-to-day business and continuously supports initiatives that benefit causes such as children and the environment. For more information on IKEA, www.IKEA-group.ikea.com

Source: http://www.unicef.org


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