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23 May 2018
Clothes Show Live challenges young talent
With all the design competitions on offer it’s certainly an interesting time for emerging fashion talent. The Clothes Show Live announced it is once more supporting emerging designers of the UK with the Clothes Show Live Design Awards. The event offers a platform for aspiring designers to take their changes and showcase their creations to fashion lovers and industry experts. Clothes Show Live wants to help young creatives aged between 13 and 25 to gain recognition within the fashion industry and offer them their first big break.

“At a challenging time in the world of retail and fashion these awards are even more important than ever before. Where other fashion organisations are cutting back, we’re continuing to support and nurture young talent to help them make that all important first step into the world of fashion”, says Gavin Brown, Managing Director, Clothes Show Live. “By hosting the Design Awards we can nurture new talent from across the country and give them the recognition they deserve.”

The Awards feature six different categories including Young Artist of the Year, Prom Award, Handbag Designer Award, Journalist of the Year Award in association with Cosmopolitan, Fashion Photographer Award, Designer of the Year Award in association with Internaçionale. Students are invited to enter their work from now until November 2009. The entries will be short listed by a judging panel made up of industry experts, they will then be short listed in November and invited to attend the award ceremony at Clothes Show Live in December 2009.

The winners will be announced at Clothes Show Live, 4-9 December 200 at Birmingham NEC. The finalist’s work will be showcased at Clothes Show Live and will be open for public viewing.

Image: Clothes Show Live

Source: www.fashionunited.com

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