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20 March 2018
Sale of industrial property in Bulgaria
An industrial property is available for sale. The parcel of 3500 sq.m. is situated in the industrial zone of Ihtiman, Bulgaria. There are several remaining buildings of about 600 sq.m. as well as a concrete tanker for about 100 m3 water, well, water and electricity supply. The main building worked as a textile factory years ago.

The place is to be found next to the highway Sofia - Plovdiv 40 kms away from the centre of the capital, 30 minutes from Sofia airport, next to the golf course and opposite the railway station of Ihtiman, having excellent road and railway communication with both Sofia and Plovdiv.

The property is ownership of a bulgarian company, VAT registered.

The facility can be used for variety of businesses and its value is higher than the currently revised selling price.
For contacts mail: centre@inet.bg

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