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22 May 2018
ASOS plan online marketplace
ASOS announced plans that it will launch an online marketplace for customers to buy recyclable clothes and encourage customers to shop in a more environmentally-friendly way. Customers will be able to trade their own clothes through a virtual online marketplace to be launched on the ASOS website later this year.

Prices will be fixed rather than determined by an auction-style eBay process and customers will be given advice from ASOS on how to display items to maximise selling potential. The initiative is set to offer both individual and corporate customers an additional channel to sell their fashion merchandise in a sustainable and ethical environment.

The marketplace will also be open to independent retailers and designers and give larger companies another way to sell their goods or to market excess stock. It taps into a real e-retail opportunity and into an appetite for buying and selling clothes that individuals no longer want to wear but others may desire and comes just a month after online auction and shopping website, eBay launched its eBay Fashion site dedicated to selling clothes.

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Source: www.fashiounited.com

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