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23 May 2018
Social Labelling in the Global Fashion Industry

An international multidisciplinary conference for academics and practitioners “Social Labelling in the Global Fashion Industry” is to be held from 1 – 3 September 2010 at the School of Design, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. 

Social labelling can be described as an attempt to assure consumers and potential business partners that the labour practices connected with the production of a good or the delivery of a service meet a range of internationally agreed employment standards, generally those based on ILO conventions. As consumer awareness and concern with ethical production increases, and forecasters point to an as yet untapped market potential so the search continues for robust means by which ethically conscious fashion consumers, and indeed other stakeholders, can be reassured. But this raises a series of questions. Can the market secure ethical outcomes and can a social label provide a credible guarantee of those outcomes? Who are the stakeholders in this process and how are their interests given a voice? What can we learn about past experiments with social labels? What are the alternatives? Does a union label mean that a product is sweat free? This timely international conference seeks to bring academics and practitioners together to critically examine the phenomenon of the social label from a range of historical, empirical, theoretical and politico-economic perspectives.

The program of the conference and panelists include:

Welcome by Prof. Doug Miller


Robert Ross  Professor of sociology of international studies stream, Clark University

Consumers and Producers: Agency, power and social enfranchisement

Introduction: Marsha A. Dickson


Theme 1: Making a link to consumers


Kay Liu

Fair Trade and Organic Cotton: Labelling and Consumer Perception

Elaine Ritch

What’s in Fashion? Ethics?

Llyr Roberts


Social Labelling on the Web- How fashion retailers communicate information about labour practices to online consumers.

Chair : Mo Tomaney - Research Fellow in Ethical Issues and Fair Trade at Central Saint Martins and runs the MA in Ethical Fashion at University College for the Creative Arts at Epsom

Theme 2: Industry Practice and Perception

Angelina Jones


The Motivations of Fair Trade Apparel Business Owners: A Case Study of Minneapolis, St. Paul

Stall Meadows

A Decade of Progress: A Quantitative Study of Wholesalers’ Perspectives on Social Labelling and the Evolution of Apparel Industry Codes of Conduct

Thea Pandelidis and Marsha A. Dickson


Motivations and Concerns for Public Reporting about Corporate Social Responsibility and Compliance with Labor Standards: A Case Study of the Apparel Industry

Clare Lissaman


‘It’s fashion darling’: designer perceptions of social labels – their usefulness and attractiveness.


Chair: Arianna Rossi

Theme 3: Regulating the social label

Trina Tocco


No Access to Justice: The Failure of Ethical Labelling Systems for Worker Rights

Sophie Koers


Can a process be labelled? The Fair Wear Foundation Experience

Hannes Grassegger


The Costs of Fair Trade Textile Certification – A Global Value Chain Perspective

Plenary & Keynote:  Discussant Jennifer Bair University of Colorado, United States


Scott Nova Executive Director of the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC)


Until Apparel Brands Reform their Sourcing Practices, Industry Labor Codes Will Be of Little Value to the World’s Apparel Workers

Chairs : Jennifer Bair and Doug Miller


Theme 4: National Labelling Initiatives

Patricia Brien - Lecturer in fashion culture at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and freelance fashion journalist


From No Sweat Shop Label to Ethical Clothing Australia VIDEO LINKUP

Arianna Rossi - Technical Officer, Better Work at ILO


Fibre Citoyenne: Branding the Moroccan Industry and its Workers

Rituparna Majumdar - Consultant, Corporate Social Responsibility; Guest Faculty, Doctoral Student at Jamia Millia Islamia


The Development of social labelling systems and monitoring in the Garment Supply Chain of India

Raymond Robertson - Professor of Economics, Macalester College

Reputation Sensitivity, Public Disclosure and Labor Law Compliance in Cambodia

Annelies Goger – Ph.D.University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Going Beyond: Reworking Ethical Spaces in the Sri Lankan Garment Industry

Bjorn Claeson presented by Robert Ross


Individual Consumers or Government Purchasers? A U.S. Perspective on Social Labels for Garments

Chair: John Stirling

Theme 5: Panel – To label or not to label?

Ian Bretman Fairtrade Foundation/FLO/Transfair


Steve Grinter: ITGLWF


Deborah Isaacs: People Tree/ WFTO


Closing Remarks : Marsha A. Dickson, Doug Miller and Jennifer Bair


More information on: http://www.northumbria.ac.uk/sd/academic/scd/whatson/news/sociallabelling?view=Standard

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