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23 May 2018
Sustainable fashion in Asia

It looks like the world is trying to decipher the sustainable consumerism. This autumn will be rich of conferences on sustainability issues and Hong Kong will host two events:

During the fair “Fashion Access”, APLF invites leading industry figures to offer informative seminars which give participants a value-added opportunity to be enlightened on topics related to fashion issues. On 29 September 2010 will be discussed the theme “Marketing Your Sustainable Fashion Product” with moderator Ms. Jayne Esteve Cure.

Another Workshop is to be held “Sustainable and Fair Trade Textiles for Fast Fashion: Putting Theory into Practice” where speaker will be Mr. Derek Binns. Date: Thursday, 30 September 2010 . This half-day workshop will deliver practical information about sustainable processes, compliance procedures and suppliers, as well as the impact of Fair Trade and recycling issues. There will also be a practical discourse, including case studies, about the reduction, reuse, repair and repurposing of fast fashion.

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