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23 May 2018
Triumph to open up to 300 outlets in China
Triumph International, the world leading underwear maker, announced it will open up to 300 outlets in China in the next three to five years to meet growing demand. The Swiss based manufacturer, which has 10 stores and more than 1400 counters in the country, has seen double digit growth in turnover for the region, according to Ralph Jansen, executive director for the Asia-Pacific at Triumph International in an interview for China Daily.
The manufacturer plans to open stores to "access consumers in every possible way", rather than relying solely on distribution through department stores and shopping malls.
The underwear manufacturer has been on the mainland for three decades, where it has established a huge retail network and become a household name under the Chinese brand "Dai En Fen".
"Triumph as a company is very much comitted to Asia, and particular to China, as China is one of the growing economies and it has huge potential for the future", said Jansen.
strong domestic demand will continue to boost the mainland's economy for years to come, and personal consumption will play a leading role, said Charles Huang, director of China Research at BNP Paribas corporate and Investment Bankign. Those with a strong brand will overtake their rivals and become market leaders, said Huang.
Source: China Daily

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