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20 March 2018
New Marimekko concept store opens in Tokyo, Japan

The 10th Marimekko store in Japan opened on 22 December 2007. The company’s local distributor, Look Inc., set up the new Marimekko concept store (187 sqm) in Kichijoji in Western Tokyo. This is already the third Marimekko store in Tokyo. The other Marimekko concept stores or shop-in-shops in Japan are located in Osaka, Kyoto, Hakata (Fukuoka), Kumamoto (Kyusu), Kobe, Yokohama and Nagoya.

Run by independent retailers, Marimekko concept stores are shops that sell exclusively Marimekko products and carry a comprehensive selection of merchandise from all the different Marimekko lines: clothing, interior decoration and bags. Developing and anchoring the concept store idea based on Marimekko’s lifestyle thinking represents an important part in Marimekko’s internationalisation strategy.



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