Russian companies want to establish Retail Association

Large companies of Russia clothing retailers want to join together in an association according to a press release. One of the goals is to negotiate more favorable rental conditions with operators of shopping centers according to the Moscow business newspaper "Business" with reference to general manager of the clothing retail store R2, Sergej Sanko. The head of the company LWB, Ruslan Malitsch, came up with the idea of holding a meeting with the leading retail store companies, and negotiations about founding such an association will take place soon, according to the report. LWB belongs to the JamilCo Group, which sells the brands NafNaf, Guess, Levi's und Timberland, among others.

"It is mainly a question of negotiations with renters about stable and less expensive rents for the sales areas," Mr. Sanko stated. On the other hand, it is also a question of "collaboration with the government in the area of customs regulations." Combining efforts would simplify negotiations with real estate developers and government agencies.

According to the newspaper, companies such as Armango (operator of branches of Mango, Promod, Jennyfer), Maratex (Esprit, Lulu Castagnette, Peacocks), Nomenar (S.Oliver, Zolla) and Sela want to join the association...
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